Never Judge A Look By Its Cover

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Particularly ones à la the Proenza Schouler FW 13 runway. If there's anything I love more than good details, it's a good backside and Jack and Laz really outdid themselves with these ones. Pleasantly unexpected open backs on all the belted and simple dress silhouettes might not be the warmest come next winter, but summon the services of a good coat and all will be more than well. You've got lots of options, remember?

Like the unexpectedly backless ensembles, the design duo turned to modern minimalism and thus gave us a new chapter in the PS story. Black, white and grey for good measure render it most elemental while expert and precise cuts yielded for nothing short of basic cum luxurious pieces -- all while the integrity of the brand's edge remained intact. Namely, with those leather trousers. Swoon and catch me?  After all, it does look a lot like we're harking back to an era of black and white cinema. 

And in much in the style of a 1950's leading lady, kitten and other bow-adorned heels also prove to be a bit of departure from the brand's previously louder footwear but works nothing short of gracefully with the rest of the collection. 

If there's any one overarching trend to take away from the NYFW runways, thus far, it's simplicity rules

Enjoy the highlights below and click images for all the up-close and personal details.

KK xx

All images via the 'round the clock employees at The Cut

Nemo Worthy Wears That We Can't Actually Wear Yet

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Never did we foresee the day when 'Nemo' would become synonymous with anything other than a bouncing, baby clown fish but alas, the day has indeed come and it's fucking cold.  So at this point, it seems more appropriate than ever to condemn fashion week season showings of their backwardness that's nothing short of being a complete tease. Unfair, at best.  And considering the racing pace of global warming, we might not even be able to wear the current looks walking down the runway come next winter. 

But if Mama Nature does indeed have a few cold months left up the sleeve (of what I imagine as some variation of a moo-moo), for the 2014 winter months, at least we'll have some rad outerwear to bear it with as foretold by the NYFW FW13 shows. Trends like winter whites, below the knee lengths,  super-structure, trappist elements, and sophisticated moto-vibes point to luxe as the overarching idea. Plainly put, Cruella Deville is having a moment (particularly at Jen Kao + Altuzarra). Design inspiration also appears to be indicating underlying themes of warmth and that's something I can fully get behind.  As someone with poor circulation in my extremities and little tolerance to cold by nature, I love nothing more than a good purposeful top layer. 

Starting with the bohemian-swag parkas and beanies at BCBG. 90% of body heat goes escapes through the head, y'know? Well, now ya do so keep the beanie on. Yigal Arzouel, killed it with anoraks.  What's new? Lacoste showed a few great winter white ensembles that make the top of the packing list for a vacation to the Planet Hoth -- or perhaps just Vail. If that's not purposeful layering, I'm not sure what is. And while Lacoste may have the ski gear covered, see Jason's Wu for a more sophisticated take for all your apres-ski needs. 

Something much like Downton Abbey menswear -- that is, experiments in good lapels -- walked at nearly every show since Thursday in the form of clean cut, cab coats -- many even laden with very utilitarian fur. (See: Yigal Azrouël, Timo Weiland, Edun, Rebecca Minkoff, Helmut Lang, Rag and Bone, Billy Reid, Alexander Wang).  Adversely, moto-lapels and boxey-90's inspired leather silhouettes were also ubiquitous -- notably the leather jackets at Jen Kao and another at Rag and Bone. Altuzarra leather bomber jackets simultaneously taught us a lesson in good layering while paired over a trench... or with mittens that may or may not have once been part of a mascot's costume. 

The trench also received many a modern twist including toggle-leather combos at Rebecca Minkoff, silk at Rag and Bone and bare-bones simplicity at Timo Weiland.  Military inspiration and bomber jackets at Timo Wieland and M. Patmos noteworthy as well as the intensely military-inspired wears at Prabal Gurung. How about some leather hardware for your neck to literally harness your body heat? 

Explore the slideshow above for all the aforementioned trends and roll over the images for credits. 

Stay warm, KK xx

All images via The Cut

On Jenni Kayne SS13

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If Malibu Barbie happened to be a cool chick she'd probably wear Jenni Kayne SS13. And I would probably befriend her, if only to borrow her kick-ass flats. But we all know Barbie walks chronically tip-toed and hence could never bear the graces of a magical Jenni Kayne slipper anyway. 

Flats aside, this collection hits all the bases in the most approachable and liveable ways: the color mint, geometric mixes, subtle navajo inspiration, functional and attractive outerwear, tailored takes on the lady-suit, and great basics, namely blouses and T's. In other notes, bra tops are here to stay, bermudas look soberly good again and easy-to-wear boxy dresses (as repeatedly seen on the SS13 runways thus far) are a solid bet for the warmer months. All this spring goodness then culminates in the dress that is the lower right hand corner. and essentially says, "I never aspired to resemble the life-sized Barbie I didn't find under the Christmas tree year after year as a child, but I'm not at all upset about it."

Don't even get me started on the accessories for this one. I'll spare you the "every things" and simply leave you this hypothetical declaration: If snow wasn't something that concerned me some 3 months every year, I would gladly abandon all other footwear (and subsequently some of my wide-leg trousers) to commit all of myself to these flats on a level not at all unlike marriage. Or perhaps just a civil union. 

In the meantime, embrace the autumn that is upon is and browse and shop FW12 Jenni flats and gear here.

KK xx

All images via the new and improved Cut

On Billy Reid SS13

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Ladies wearing the pants, men carrying the bags, his and her suits and thus, serious power couple sightings at BIlly Reid. 

Speaking first to the men's side of things, it's expected that Billy Reid is going to march more than a few good suits down the runway and thus rendering the more casual looks generally more interesting. Additionally, like shoes and purses for women, there's always a call to men to upgrade their suits; however, here Reid's ventures in exceedingly good informal clothing as more of an occasion to upgrade knitwear. Cue retro-cool cardigans and pull overs in the mens looks above. 

Catering to the ladies, the Alabama gent cited his muse as "the perfect hostess" and the collection certainly outfit the role of sitting at the head place setting. Despite such an overtly feminine inspiration, Reid sensibly translates men to womenswear and creates the perfect counterpart for the brand's original character. 

Admittedly, playing sartorial matchmaker with this collection was quite a fun exercise as these are some pretty rad couples here. So, just imagine that dinner party. Not only for the nonchalantly well-dressed crowd and especially stunning hosts, but also because that dinner party would most likely be held circa Cuban Missle Crisis and shit was tense. Martini bombs abound, ya feel me? While it's easy to picture a woman in the long ivory striped satin gown drawing drawing guests into her home through double doors as her supportive husband shakes cocktails somewhere near the living room bar, one can only hope she wasn't serving jello molds in it. But that was then and this is now. In summation, jello molds are out and a thing of this past while this dress, or rather tunic over pants, remains relevant. 

So chew on that and go find a reason to host a dinner party and wear a maxi dress. 
Or a pant suit. Depends of what kinda gal (or guy) you are. 


KK xx

On Abstractly Edible Moschino

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image via AnotherMagazine

Just when I thought I couldn't love my favorite wardrobe staple, the navy striped collard shirt, any harder, Moschino decided circa 1989 to fry an egg on it. Vice versa, just when I thought eggs couldn't get any better, they land themselves on an insanely sssizling blouse. After a season of devouring generous portions of fruit patterns à la the S/S12 runways, it's time to digest and move onto something a bit more savory. Walking back into the grocery for inspiration and taking a stroll out of the produce department over to the dairy cases might be just the move. 
Plus, winters-a-coming and watermelon won't keep anyway. 

While I have no idea where to find this blouse (if you do, I will write you a big, big, check that will bounce) I can tell you that Zara has a great pyjama, pseudo-satin version of it, sans-eggs, of course. (Although, give those people at Inditex less than a season - who knows what intellectual property rights they'll "borrow" next.) I wear it religiously and it was 20 dollars. Well, pounds, actually because I got it on London. So you can do the math and convert that because, quite frankly, I stopped while living there for the sake of....well, happiness. Anyway, so, you can take that lead and fry an egg on it. I smell DIY....and breakfast. 

Dig it, dig in, what have you. 

KK x

The Clutch Who Loved Me: Charlotte Olympia

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The lips are ready for action and the baboushka clad woman is dolled up and giving off seriously willing vibes. I've also yet to decide if she's wearing a shirt or not. 

"How sweet of her to send a wink my way," you might perceive, flattered. That is, until you realize it's all a coy move in an attempt to empty her admirers pockets for creator Charlotte Olympia. She might as well be a hooker but hey, if I'm going to empty my pockets for anyone it's her pimp, Charlie. 

While her skyscraper platforms are always to die for, in, on and all over, the new accessories espouse the same quirky details that merit all the hot and bother. 

For example, the perspex clutch above. (Slide 2)  First of all, when you buy the shell the internal clutches are interchangeable. The bag that keeps on giving, am I right? This one is clearly enthused for the London 2012 games and it wishes we were there. Where else are you going to find that kind of affirmation from a handbag? Aside from the aforementioned lady (Slide 1). And if you're into flat butts, she also happens to have a nice rump.  Ring her. What have you got to loose? 

These guys on the other hand, or rather foot, are clearly not a clutch but nonetheless express their love for respective owner in a more agressive and protective manner. (Slide 3) After all, they are tigers. If these don't say, "I dare you to step on my peeping toes," then I don't know what does.

I won't leave you on that sentiment though, but rather a softer one from a more domestic and manageable feline, who now happens to come in pink satin instead of black. (Slide 4)

Moaw. Take me home? All the love and subesequent good times ahead available via Net-a-Porter

Bye cats, 
KK xx