Honey Lavender Whiskey FIzz

by Kailey Kramer in

Home of the the best (and probably only) jazz brunch in Boston, The Beehive also boasts a fantastic and seasonally rotating cocktail line-up to accompany a stellar selection of cajun, nouveux-american plates. Not many better activities in Boston than watching late night jazz at a table for two with a Beehive fizz and a plate of their sage fries. Live music until 2 AM makes it one of the only places in town open late and something definitely worth noting.

This particular drink is one that's stuck with me after I sipped on circa March 2011. All it requires on your end is the simple syrup which is inherently....well, simple. Leave the rest to JD and Canda Dry tonic and you're in biznaz, my friends.


KK xx

Lavender Honey Whiskey Fizz 
Makes one cocktail. Can easily be multiplied for a pitcher.

2 oz. Whiskey
6 oz. Tonic water
1 oz. Honey lavendar simple syrup 

Make simple syrup. Combine chilled ingredients in a glass of ice, stir, garnish with fresh lavender and enjoy. 

Honey Lavender Simple Syrup
Can be made ahead and stored in the fridge for about a month. Add to a variety of cocktail, juices and lemonades with the leftovers. Culinary lavender can be found at Williams Sonoma and in herb isle of your local Whole Foods or natural grocery. Recipe is also easily varied by swapping out the lavender for your herb or flavoring of choice. 

1 C. water
1 C. agave nectar
1 C. good honey
3 T. culinary lavender